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This site will show CDV, Cabinet Photo & Photograph imprints and attempt to date the photos from these marks. As well, card stock and photo studio backdrops will also be used when available to further clarify dating. For individual photographers from each area, data will be from newspaper ads, city directories, family research, as well as relying on contributions from photography clubs, research at the LAC in Ottawa, local museums, galleries, archives and historical societies, etc.

The site is under continual construction, and has now progressed to also working on specific dating. About 8,000 sample imprints have been installed to date, over 2,100 photographers are now individualized, and there are over 360 Galleries noted. A large number of news ads are installed, about 250 Employees have so far been added, as well as over 600 census listings.

At some point, advertising will also be incorporated. As the software was never designed to handle ads, this may take some time to build properly. Anyone interested in placing image or script ads, links, etc, should make contact asap as rates will be low, and availability necessarily limited, to keep the site classified as a non-profit entity. Details will be forthcomimg as they are determined.

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